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Gallery Update: Appearances from 2018

Hi Stacy fans! Apologies for the lack of updates last year. I’ve added photos of Stacy attending various appearances from 2018. There are also some extra photos added to previous events from the same year.

As you may have noticed, I have (finally) changed the site’s main and gallery theme. Thanks to Kaci for the beautiful header image!

New Themes!

Stacy Martin Fan now has new matching themes on the main site and gallery! Thanks to ATM for the beautiful designs! The header features photos from some of Stacy’s Photoshoots from 2017. We hope you enjoy new look as much as we do.

Welcome to Stacy Martin Fan

Welcome to Stacy Martin Fan

Welcome to Stacy Martin Fan, your new fansite source for everything Stacy Martin. Stacy is best known for her roles in films including; Nymphomaniac, Tales of Tales, High-Rise and more. Here at Stacy Martin Fan, we aim to provide you with the latest news and much more! This site is here to support Stacy’s career. We have a photo gallery with 3,000+ photos, which is almost complete! Hope you enjoy the site, and thank you for visiting.